Why use folksfinder.com?

Tired of being tricked by online "people finder" sites with hidden "membership" fees and monthly, recurring credit card charges you can't stop without cancelling your credit card?

If you have a valid reason for wanting to find someone, would you like your searches to be from the same sources available to private investigators, performed by a private investigator, and yet at affordable prices?

Here is why we are better than most online "people finder" and "background" sites:

  • All searches done by a licensed PI
  • We search for your person.
  • We don't report just a list of names.
  • No membership fees. Ever.
  • No hidden charges. Ever.
  • No recurring charges. Ever.
  • Pay only for the searches you want.
  • Pay securely via Paypal (a PayPal account is not required).
  • Affordable and competitive prices.
  • Many searches are "flat fee."
  • For the basic Folks Finder Search, if no information is found there is
Missing Person Searches

We offer several reasonably priced professional people searches and investigations to fit most situations and budgets. This is what we do, and we strive to do it well.

A basic Folks Finder Search uses sources of information available to licensed private investigators to help you:

  • Find missing witnessess
  • Find missing heirs or beneficiaries
  • Find debt skips
  • Find dead beat parents
  • Find estranged relatives
  • Find people for class or military reunions, etc
  • Obtain actionable information for service of process
An Ultimate Folks Finder Investigation is ideal for cases where you have limited information about a person, where the last known address is several decades old, or you need a verified locate.

Forensic Genealogy Investigations are available for longer term projects like heirship determination, etc.