Terms of Service:

The basic FOLKS FINDER SEARCH report is offered as a NO INFORMATION/ NO FEE search - that means should NO INFORMATION be able to be obtained on a subject, then NO FEE WILL BE CHARGED for the basic FOLKS FINDER SEARCH, and any payments for the search will be refunded. The facts contained within each research report are compiled from available public records, and other sources available to licensed private investigators, and the accuracy of these sources is not warranted by Scott Searches and folksfinder.com. The types of records and sources searched, whether public or proprietary, and made available in a FOLKS FINDER SEARCH or ULTIMATE FOLKS FINDER INVESTIGATION report are based on the search purpose for each search or investigation, and are fully compliant with the Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GBLA), and the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).

The intended use of any information supplied by Scott Searches and folksfinder.com is for lawful purposes, and all research findings and information supplied by Scott Search and folksfinder.com are intended for informational purposes only, may not be used for purposes of deciding eligibility of an individual for employment, or for determining eligibility to receive credit or insurance, and are for the lawful use of the client.

Scott Searches and folksfinder.com will not knowingly provide information to persons who intend to use such information in contravention of the law. By ordering information & investigative searches, you certify that you intend to use the information for lawfully acceptable purposes, and are responsible for any and all violations. Users who request information under false pretenses and/or submit false information could be subject to civil & criminal penalties, as well as administrative sanctions. By requesting services, you certify the search purpose is for that listed on your order and agree to be 100% liable for any partial or full material misrepresentations made by you or your representatives, including all cost incurred by Scott Search and folksfinder.com necessary to investigate, document, initiate or defend any and all actions of law.

Scott Searches and folksfinder.com takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for the misuse or unlawful use by other parties or persons of research or investigative reports, and any information contained therein. Please be advised that it is against the law to use the information obtained from Scott Search and folksfinder.com to stalk or harass others. Search requests on public officials, juveniles and/or celebrities are strictly prohibited.

At Scott Searches and folksfinder.com, we are committed to client satisfaction. Should you ever have concerns or a complaint, please contact us first so that we can address it with you. In the event we cannot resolve any dispute, you also have the option of contacting the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) , who can provide arbitration services. The terms and conditions of use, and the services provided by Scott Searches and folksfinder.com are governed and construed by the laws of the state of Tennessee. Venue and jurisdiction for all disputes will be under Tennessee law.